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Manufacturer of high quality furniture and wooden components

About us

We are a family enterprise with over 30 years of experience in production of furniture , high quality components and wooden structures as well as framesets for upholstery.

Years of experience, together with a team of qualified professionals and a state-of-the-art machine park, allow us to manufacture exceptional products in the highest quality possible.

Bespoke furniture

We provide comprehensive support for the top furniture brands, looking for a highest quality of wooden products, unique design and ecological production, on every step of cooperation – from designing, through implementation, advanced production until timely dispatch of an order.

Vision and passion

From our very beginnings we have been driven by a vision and passioncreating products of an exceptional quality, made of carefully selected materials. Today, this still remains our concern and that is why we work solely with qualified personnel and reliable suppliers.

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By engaging in cooperation with us you gain much more than just a business partner – you are given access to the know-how, experience and production process conform with binding norms and regulations. Each technique and process at Granbud are thoroughly tested and tailored to requirements of the product.

We maintain constant contact with the client and aim at finding the best solutions together.

What we do?

Our flexibility allows us to meet clients’ requirements in full – we produce small, precise elements as well as complexed, demanding constructions and furniture framesets for upholstery. Solid wood furniture is our primary field of expertise but we also work with diverse wood-based materials.

Technological diversity

We are also equipped with technology allowing for production of bent wooden- and plywood elements. Specialized, experienced team of employees, together with a modern machine park make us capable of producing any given piece of furniture chairs, sofas, tables, table tops, bases for upholstery, veneered furniture and many others.

Unit and serial production

We accept orders for both unit and serial production. Each element is being produced with utter diligence and attention to detail, by qualified craftsmen, which results in the quality and durability our clients demand. We are open to any special requests clients might have, even those most unique and challenging.

Know us better


Keeping our clients and business partners in mind, we started working on our own factory showroom. Soon we will be able to present the range of our projects in a dedicated space, full of inspirations.

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