The company is implementing a project entitled „ubsidisation of the premium payer's activities to improve occupational health and safety - ompetition no. 2022.01”, which aims to improve health and safety standards in the company.

european projects granbud

Within the framework of this project, the applicant has made investments in the purchase of a filtering installation for work rooms, the purchase of a mobile scaffolding for work at height and the purchase of scissor lifts.

Gross project value:
878 321,18 PLN.
Gross subsidy value:
300 000,00 PLN


Granbud Sp. z o. o. is implementing a project co-financed by the European Funds entitled „Implementation at Granbud Sp. z o. o. "Implementation in the company Granbud Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. innovative technology for the production of  furniture structures and frames and components for the assembly of  furniture structures and frames”.

european projects granbud

The main objective of the investment is to reinforce the production potential and competitiveness of the Granbud Sp. z o. o. company through the implementation of its own, new, not previously used in the world, technology for the production of improved structures and furniture frames and elements for their assembly, including the method of joining wooden and wood-based boards.
The innovative production technology is the Beneficiary's own development, using a process solution submitted by the Company as an invention to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.
The project involves an investment in tangible fixed assets enabling the implementation of the technology and introduction of significantly improved products - furniture structures and frames and components for assembly of furniture structures and frames - to the company's offer.
Thanks to the implementation of the independently developed technological solution, Przedsiębiorstwo Granbud Sp. z o. o. expects a further increase in product sales in the domestic and foreign markets in the industry and a strengthening of its competitive position.

Project value:
4 095 000,00 PLN
Value of subsidy:
1 433 250,00 PLN


The task entitled „Investment of Granbud Sp. z o.o. in robotisation of the production process of furniture construction elements” is subsidised by the state budget under the 'Robogrant' programme - aid for the development of the Polish furniture industry.

european projects granbud

The aim of the project is to initiate a process of digitisation and robotisation improvements at the Granbud Sp. z o.o. company. The project is an investment project and its subject is the purchase of the first industrial robot for optimising furniture frame details, which will be equipped with a multifunctional 6-axis loading arm. As a result of implementing the planned solutions, the company will move closer to the transformation towards Industry 4.0.
The investment and implementation of an industrial robot in the production process will ensure, among other things, the repeatability of production, the precise positioning of details on the line, the elimination of production errors and damage, and a reduction in the physical workload of employees.
The main objective of the project is the development of the Granbud Sp. z o.o company in the production of furniture construction elements and an increase in the company's competitiveness through robotisation.
The result of the project will be a significantly improved production process for frames and structures made of wooden and wood-based materials for upholstered furniture, which is being implemented in the Granbud Sp. z o.o. enterprise. The new production process will translate into shorter processing times for furniture frame parts, increased process efficiency and higher revenues

Project value:
1 070 100,00 PLN
Value of subsidy:
614 583,33 PLN