Sustainable production

granbud zrownowazona produkcja

Our company was established based on presumption, that quality and design should go hand in hand with sustainable development.

The furniture industry is constantly growing and hence our effort to provide a more sustainable cooperation. We care to meet the environmental ambitions of our clients.

We are an FSC- and PEFC-certified company, and we are thus helping to promote a sustainable forestry assuring that the wood is being sourced from responsibly managed forests. We deliver products meeting the environmental norms throughout the life cycle: from harvesting, through production and distribution. We acquire additionally attested and certified timber at client’s wish. We also provide comprehensive assistance in obtaining information regarding the source of origin and the life cycle of materials used in our production.

High quality of the products and services we provide and the capability to continuously deliver products meeting the requirements find their proof in the fact that we are a holder of ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

We operate based on international standards  and our consequent strive to reduce the negative impact on environment to the maximum is confirmed by the fact that we are also a holder of ISO 14001:2015 certificate.

At Granbud, we care not only for a balance on environmental level, but also on social. We value independent approach and  honesty, comply with health and safety standards and and the rules of equality, respect for human rights - inhouse as well as with regards to clients and suppliers - are very clear and transparent.

granbud zrownowazona produkcja